Version 18

Added Troubleshooting links for Live Import

Version 17

New Features:
  • Added Mini Calculator in Responsive Manager.
  • Calculator
  •  Added Link for Figma to Bricks.
  • Few UI Refreshment.
  • Login Image UI. 
  • Updated Welcome Page Text UI. 
  • Updated Copyright Area UI.
  • Updated Convert Tab Buttons UI.
  • Some Bug Fixes and Improvements.

Version 16

New  Widget Release:
New Widgets

  • Image Box

 Elementor Pro:
  • Flip Box
  • Author Box
  • Search Form
  • Feature Image
  • Site Logo
  • Post Comment
  • Post Navigation
  • Page Title
  • Post Title
  • Site Title
  • Post Excerpt
  • Post Info
  • Slides
  • Animated Headline
  • Block Quote
  • Gallery
  • Pricing List
  • Share Button

The Plus:
  • TP Progressbar
  • TP Flip Box
  • TP WP Login
  • TP Table Of Content
  • TP WP Form
  • TP Contact Form 7
  • TP Everest Form
  • TP Meeting Scheduler
  • TP Ninja Form
  • TP Mailchimp
  • TP Heading Animation
  • TP Dark Mode
  • TP Coupon Code
  • TP Heading Title
  • TP Dynamic Listing
  • TP Dynamic Smart Showcase
  • TP Woo Product Listing
  • TP Social Review
  • TP Navigation Menu
  • TP Advanced text box
  • TP Blog Post (Listing)
  • TP Social Feed
  • TP Before After
  • TP Message Box
  • TP block quote
  • TP Creative Image
  • TP CountDown
  • TP Social Icon
  • TP Pie Chart | TPChart
  • TP Number Counter
  • TP Button

Version 15

New Features:
  • Setting Panel: Option to Export widths in Percentage.
  • Multisite WordPress setup Support.
  • Flex-Gap in Responsive Manager.
Set width Percentage

  • Some Bug Fixes and Improvement.

Version 14

New Features:
  • Added 20+ new templates (Bento Grid).
New Templates

  • Some Bug Fixes and Improvements.

Version 13

New Features:
  • Support for Sections to contain Main-Frames.(Now a Main Frame directly in the page or directly in a section can be converted.)

Version 12

New Features:
  • Support for Boolean Operations Union, Subtract, Intersect, Exclude.

  • Updated default padding table values Responsive Manager.

  • Text Letter-Spacing & Font-Size round off issues.

Version 11

New Features:
  • Responsive Manager:
    • Font Size Responsiveness: Standard
    • Font SizeResponsiveness: Clamp
    • Line Height Responsiveness 
    • Padding Responsiveness 
  • Responsive Manager helps export Responsive Values for Font Size, Line Height & Container Padding.

Responsive Manger
  • “Show Tagging” button reset on different Frames.
  • Live Server Configuration Flow Button Labels.

  • Download File Naming Bug.
  • Terms and Conditions Link.
  • Some Bug Fixes and Improvements.

Version 10

New Features:
  • Support for Manual Tagging Components & Instances. By Tagging Components,it will auto tag all instances.
  • Feature to Pick anything as Icon/s while Tagging from Tagged Area.
  • Avoid Re-import Images on Repeater Import Trials. It will avoid loading if the same image exists in WordPress Media.
  •  Added 5 New Templates.
  • Made Refresh Activation Functional.
Refresh Activation
  • Improved algorithm for auto SVG Identification.
  • Security Mechanism Improvement Update to the Live Preview.
  • Tagged Element at Level 1 will be visible even with Core Widgets
  • Added Pro-plan Configuration.
  • Regular Licence Checks & Key Verification Failure Dialogue(inactive).
  • Conversion Limit Checks & Dialogue(inactive).
  • Added feedback Popup.
  • Added dashboard link to Limit Exceeded page.
  • Added Notification to help with Cleaning Pre-Tagged Elements.
  • Made some UI Improvements
  • Removed ToC CheckBox & Changed “Start For Free” Text.
  • Added Beta Logos.
  • Added Link to the “POSIMYTH Team” in HamburgerMenu.
  • Improved Templates Search Field UI.
  • Added Frame based filename while Downloading.
  • Fixed issue with Image width in Smaller Containers.
  • Few Bug Fixes and Improvements.

Version 9

New Features:
  • WordPress Live Preview Feature to directly import the exported template to WordPress Site.
  • Introducing Templates Tab with 15+ Templates.
  • SVG Support for all along with Font Awesome widget.
  • SVG tagging Support to form, social icon, button, icon list, icon box.
  • On First Tag Selection, auto-fill of Relevant Values
  • Introducing AutoFill Feature to auto select answers while tagging for 12 widgets.

New Elementor Widget Release :
  • Elementor:
    • Video
    • Icon list
    • Counter
    • Testimonial
    • Alert
    • Star Rating
    • Social Icon
    • SoundCloud
    • Google Map
    • Elementor Pro : Form

  • Button Widget: Fixed Padding Issue and Default placeholder title
  • Progress Bar Widget:  Removed default placeholder values for title & inner text.
  • Icon Box Widget: Removed default placeholder values for title & description.
  • Image Carousel: Added New Arrow/Dots Color Question.
  • Improved Home UI
  • Added collapse button in the repeater.
  • Changed the tagging card icons.
  • Added separator in Form.
  • Updated the Tag Tab UI.
  • Overall Ui Enhancements.
  • Restricted tagging above container level.

  • Fixed some widget names in the Tag Tab list.
  • Few more bug fixes.

Version 8

  • Added Support for background properties in the main frame.
  • Added Support for Groups at Level 1 (in the Main Frame).
  • Changed Pop-up items in the Convert tab.
  • Added Link to “Want to learn more” in downloading view.

Version 7

New Features:
  • Implemented a feature enabling users to select the main frame by clicking on the Preview Panel.
  • Added support for vertical gaps within containers in wrap mode for enhanced layout customization.
  • Introduced support for Figma's Exported Images in widgets, expanding compatibility and options for users.
  • Enhanced the conversion process to be resilient to errors, ensuring smoother operations and minimizing disruptions.

  • Added support for shapes including rectangle, ellipse, polygon, line, and star.

Version 6

  • Minor enhancements to the Basic Gallery Widget for improved performance and functionality.

Version 5

New Features:
  • Introduced wrap functionality for enhanced layout customization.
  • Added Information dialog before the “Convert to Elementor” button.
  • Improved Tagging Iconbox Widget.
  • Improved Tagging Button Widget.
  • Improved Tagging Carousel Widget.
  • Improved Tagging Gallery Widget.
  • Improved Tagging Progress Bar Widget.
  • Some UI enhancements.

Version 4

  • Optimised the Image Server for enhanced performance and efficiency.

Version 3

  • Implemented a "Settings Panel" preceding the Export functionality. 
  • Introduced a "Clear Uploads" button for for clearing uploaded Images/SVGs.

  • Enhanced SVG naming to ensure uniqueness. 
  • Transitioned to a "folder-based uploads" system for improved organization. 
  • Include ID fields in export outputs for better data tracking. 
  • Improved default spacing values
  • Bug fixes 

Version 2

Update : Bug Fixes and Improvements

Version 1

New : Initial Public Release
The journey of converting your Figma designs to WordPress started with an early release. It will surely take your workflow to the next level!